Parrots Prove Deadly, Uh Oh....Clea Simon's New Book

Parrots Prove Deadly, Uh Oh....Clea Simon's New Book

She calls herself "a recovering journalist," Listen HERE to my conversation with author Clea Simon on Steve Dale's Pet World. Her latest book is "A  Pru Marlowe Pet Noir: Parrot's Prove Deadly."  In this thriller, perhaps a parrot knows 'who done it,' but will he tell all...or just want a cracker? With the only other possible witnesses being an evasive aide, the blind neighbor, and a single-minded service dog, Pru is stuck with what may be a feather-brained theory. Even her crotchety tabby Wallis doesn’t buy it, although she’s more than willing to “interrogate” the big bird, as Pru deals with drugs, jealousy, and a potential rabies outbreak in "Parrots Prove Deadly," the third Pru Marlowe pet noir.


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