Breed Choices and Best Friends, Royal Canin Survey

Breed Choices and Best Friends, Royal Canin Survey
Maine Coon cat

According to a new survey of pet owners by Royal Canin, temperament matters most when choosing a new best friend. Eighty-seven percent of cat owners and 80 percent of dog owners rank disposition or temperament as their most important consideration. This is good news, and coincides with what experts suggest, noting that many times when pets land in shelters it's because of a mismatch: the wrong home for the wrong pet, such as an active family with a couch potato dog.

However, over half of all cat owners surveyed (55 percent) rank appearance as the most important factor, while 62 percent of dog owners concur that looks matter most. (In voting, respondents were allowed to 'check off' choices multiple times.)

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Bulldog is among the trendiest dogs around, ranking as the 5th most popular breed today. Despite their popularity, Bulldogs are expensive and can suffer a wide array of health problems. So what's the attraction? According to the Royal Canin survey, 59 percent of dog owners identify most with the personality of the English Bulldog. These pooches tend to be laid back and prefer to spend most of their time relaxing at home. Apparently, they're the new "cuddle dogs" of choice. Who knew?

Among cat owners, just over half (53 percent) identify most with the personality of the Maine Coon cat, saying they lead active lifestyles. Twenty 20 percent of cat owners surveyed say they're more like Siamese cats because they're outspoken. Siamese (and related breeds) are known for their tendency to their "opinions."

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    But how skewed is a survey by using Royal Canin feeders? Not the healthiest of feeders?

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