Timmy Barks the Real Lassie Story

Timmy Barks the Real Lassie Story

"Remembering Lassie" with Jon Provost, who played Timmy. There's so much good news about this program at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, 360 N. State Street, Chicago, April 27 at noon.

- It will be a fun and fascinating walk down memory lane. Provost offers behind-the-scenes anecdotes about what really happened on-set, and lots of Lassie-trivia. Truly some of the behind-the-scenes stories are a stitch! He will also dish some pretty neat Hollywood stories.

- If anything happens to anyone one of you on your way to the event, we've got you covered - Provost can enlist a 'fill-in' Lassie to save you!

- I am honred to interview Jon Provost with Bruce DuMont, Mr. Broadcasting himself.

- Bruce will moderate a Q & A session with the one-time child actor....and you can ask anything you like (though he may not answer questions about Lassie's personal life).

- At 1 p.m. I will broadcast my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale's Pet World,  live from the museum studios.

- Jon will hang-out to sign copies of his book, "Timmy's in the Well: The Jon Provost Story" And there will be other memorabilia too.

- And while you're there, you can sniff around the entire museum.

Admission to "Remembering Lassie" is only $12. Discount parking is across the street. Any questions, call 312-245-8200.

Please come to this event because if it is successful, my hope is that Mr. DuMont can begin a series of TV animal talks - the next may be Flipper. Of course, he will have to flood the museum to do it. If  Flipper is unavailable, perhaps Mr. Ed can trot into the museum.

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  • Oh, I wish I lived closer to Chicago. I'd love to go to this.

    I actually met Lassie one time when "she" and her/his trainer made an appearance at the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa. I was very young and I believe this was the first national celebrity I'd ever met. They even let us kids reach through the fence and pet Lassie as "she" walked up to the stage!

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    In reply to andrea dorn:

    Lassie isn't appearing at this event.

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    We at The Lassie Network are thrilled you will be "remembering" the old days of Lassie, but sad that Lassie will not be appearing. We understand it was cost prohibitive for the museum to bring in both Jon and Lassie together, but there is only one Lassie and Lassie is not interchangeable with any other "fill in" collie . While remembering the old days, remember- Lassie is not gone and continues today! Join us at The Lassie Network at www.lassie.net and on Facebook for all the latest on Lassie, who celebrates the 75th Anniversary in 2013 and continues for future generations!

  • But if Lassie doesn't come - what will happen if someone needs rescuing on the way to the event?

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    And - actually, the post doesn't say Lassie will be there.....No matter, Jon and Lassie are heroes!

  • Yes, like the post, my comment wasn't meant to say that Lassie was going to be there. I was just reminiscing. I would love to see Provost and listen to anything he spoke about.

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