Medical Marijuana for Pets: Animal News

Medical Marijuana for Pets: Animal News

Medical marijuana (also known as THC) for pets makes perfect sense to me. California veterinarian Dr. Doug Kramer is seeking to have medical marijuana legalized for pets.

As I understand it medical marijuana offers relief to pressure from glaucoma and helps people suffering from pain, lack of appetite and nausea related to cancers, and other illnesses - also to assist with end of life. Also, for people, one beneficial outcome of the weed is that it helps to relieve stress related to illness.  Our pets do feel pain as we feel pain, so therefore, pain relief is essential. And for pets, end of life can even be scheduled. And when ill, our pets do sometimes get very anxious.

There are problems with these ideas. First, not sure how to teach pets to smoke. And brownies are out of the questions, since chocolate is dangerous to pets (though carob brownies would do the trick!).

More seriously, though in theory I do believe it is a really good idea - there may be the same beneficial affect of medicinal marijuana  for pets, to my knowledge there have been no clinical trials. Many drugs have the absolute same affect for pets as people, however, some do not- and even prove dangerous. And what would the dosage be? Another concern is if THC was made available for say the dog in the family, who's to say the teenagers in the family - or for that matter adults - won't use it too.

Kramer, though argues that THC helped his own dog. Kramer is correct to say that not all pets respond to pain relief or appetite stimulants.

There are currently 18 U.S. states, and the District of Columbia, as well as Canada and other countries, that allow for medical marijuana for humans, and a recent Pew Research poll in the U.S. found 52 percent of 1,501 respondents feel it should be legalized. Officially there aren't any that states have laws regarding marijuana and animals.

The phrase, "Get that dog out of this joint" may have a whole new meaning.


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