Famous Fido Rescue with I Am Big Talk Show

Gloria Lissner, founder of Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance is a force of nature, saving many animals. I agree with much of what she says in this interview with 'Mr. Big.' However, continuing to use terms 'Kill' and 'No Kill,' suggests shelters that are open admission (which she refers to as 'Kill') are 'bad guys.' They are not. In fact, municipal facilities are often mandated by law.

She is absolutely correct about the problem being all those who relinquish animals. If shelters didn't have to deal with the large supply being given up, compared to moderate demand, then they wouldn't need to euthanize would they? However, solving that problem isn't solely a matter of saying we need to do better, though, we DO need to do better.

Also, many shelters are not the 'bad places' she makes them out to be. Disease is not rampant at all shelters, for example.

I will say Gloria is on the front lines, making a difference, and telling it as she sees it. And hooray for her - doing more than most. And, of course, I agree - our animals do have souls. Bottom line - it is a tragedy that so many dogs and cats (and rabbits, ferrets, etc) - die to no fault of their own. Shame on us.

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