Dog Training 101; Old Shelter, New Look; Pet Rabbits: Steve Dale's Pet World

Dog Training 101; Old Shelter, New Look; Pet Rabbits: Steve Dale's Pet World
Ethel between Dennis Damon and Wendy DeCarlo-Young

Dog training is the topic when we start the show, on Steve Dale's Pet World, WGN Radio, starting 1 p.m. CDT on March 30, or 720 AM.  Renown dog trainers Wendy DeCarlo-Young and Dennis Damon of the Dog Obedience Group will show me how to "sit." Perhaps, I will also roll over. Most important, I'll  take your questions regarding dog training. What's most important for any dog is early socialization. Interestingly Dennis was once an all together different type of trainer, using methods considered aversive today - he'll explain why he crossed-over.

Felines & Canines executive director Abby Smith talks about the longtime Edgewater neighborhood shelter will a new addition, new name and additional mission. Abby will also talk about how to choose the right cat for your family, and why going to a shelter makes sense.  Here's a gallery of images from Felines & Canines.

Happy Easter - but make your bunny chocolate. It's astounding, hard for me to understand why people still impulsively purchase pet rabbits for Easter. Ultimately, most of those bunnies land in shelters. I speak with Julie Dorian of Red Door Animal Shelter about rabbits, why they don't make great pets for some, but make super pets for others. Here's a rabbit story.

Other topics:

Animal News from Around the World: The dog with six legs who meows like a cat.

Timmy and Lassie coming to Museum of Broadcast Communications 

Steve Dale's Pet World, petcasts from WGN.

Coming up soon, a conversation on the show with the one and only Betty White.

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