Pet Dental Health Month, Win Prizes

Pet Dental Health Month, Win Prizes

February is Pet Dental Health Month, and it seems everyone knows about it. This past February, my own dentist was checking out my mouth. Asking me questions, while he's poking at my gums. And, of course, expecting answers.

Dogs don't have to worry about this. Veterinarians rarely ask dogs, "So, what did you think about that fire hydrant on Main Street?" as they have their hands in a dog's mouth....

But I digress....My dentist was making small talk....asking me if knew that a major dentistry convention was going to happen simultaneously with the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show? I knew that, actually....and then he began to ask me about specific dog breeds. My answered sounded like, "Blgaoo vran rootoo" Well, he did have his fingers in my mouth. Of course, dentists can translate hands in mouth mumble - and he did understand. He commented that I should floss more often, and then said, "Happy Pet Dental Health Month." The guy doesn't even have a dog. How does he know?

It seems everyone in the world knows about Pet Dental Health Month. There's no question - your pets' mouth may affect your pets' overall health. Aside from stinky breath, it's much more important....all that bacteria can easily (and often does) ultimately become gum disease, which may lead to kidney and or heart issues, and a painful mouth too.

But enough of the negative. I'm a positive reinforcement guy. So, let's celebrate people who do care for  their pets' mouths. So, say 'Cheese Doggies,' and enter your dog in the Superstar Smiles Photo Contest.  You can win stuff for you and your dog. There's no cost to enter, of course....all you need is a camera and dog who can smile. Who doesn't like winning stuff. If you're on Facebook, you can learn more HERE. 


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