Every Cat Has a Story: What's Yours? Enter Video Contest

Every Cat Has a Story: What's Yours? Enter Video Contest

Certified cat behavior consultant Pam-Johnson Bennet wants to see your cat, what makes your cat special...In other words, your cat's story - on video. It may be about the relationship you have with your cat. Or perhaps the relationship your cat has with the dog, or your pet goat. Who knows? Pam invited her cat behavior consultant colleagues Marilyn Kreiger and myself to help with the initial judging, but truly the final voting is up to you.

Pam says, "We want to showcase your story about your relationship with your cat. We want to know about how your cat came into your life, what behavior challenges he/she faced and how you changed the behavior using positive, force-free, humane methods. Did these behavior changes enrich the life of your cat and yourself? If so, share your story with us."

I had a cat named Ricky who played the piano. Marilyn has cats who voluntarily walk into a carrier. But I bet you can do better....and you will.

Make a video (no longer than four minutes) and tell your cat’s story. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube with the title “My Cat’s Story Video Contest” between March 1, 2013 and March 31, 2013. Click on the official contest rules for specific entry information and eligibility requirements.

The winner will be voted on by the public (tell your friends and family to vote for you!) and will receive a $150 pre-paid VISA gift card, an autographed copy of  Think Like A Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett, an autographed copy of Naughty No More by Marilyn Krieger, and the e-book Good Cat! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions, which I wrote.

Have fun - and make your kitty a star! Much, much more about the contest HERE.
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