Cesar Millan: Piep You Steve Dale

Cesar Millan: Piep You Steve Dale
I've been outspoken and publicly critical of Cesar Millan's training methods (of course, I'm not alone). Now, read the above caption. Millan's told me his training methods are for entertainment purposes - well if a child replicates and gets bitten, then what happens? And Millan isn't afraid to be bitten. That's fine for him, but not the dogs who belong to viewers watching. If a bite happens: dog dies, and someone (maybe a child) gets hurt.
One example of many, expressing concerns is here.....Still, there are many topics where I agree with Millan. As one example, I admire his support outspoken attitude about dogs we call pit bulls, they are only just dogs. Strong dogs, but just dogs. No matter, I believe I am civil and fact-based in what I write about Millan ( this piece about his Dog Whisperer show going off the air).
Cesar Millan's Dutch Response: Piep You, Steve Dale


Using Google translator - here is what this post says:

"Much of the criticism is there too. For example, Steve Dale. Who writes on its Internet Home is better that Cesar "The Dog Screamer" can be called instead of 'Dog Whisperer'. And he forces the dog too much and not let make his own choices.

HELLO STEVE?!?!?! It's a squeaky dog! Shut the beep up with your jealous disposition and your ugly head, your teeth will never be as white as that of Cesar, bitch! You dog!"

Indeed, I do apologize to the blog poster for my ugly head.  I came that way. Cesar's head is - I agree -  very good looking.

Jealous of Mr. Millan, if you say so. Of his good looking heading? Actually, this isn't so much about jealousy as it is about a philosophical disagreement. I am sincerely concerned about safety (for dogs and people).

But you are sure right about one thing, my teeth (and I do brush and floss) have never been whitened. Also, are you aware you are called me a female dog?


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    Glad you defended yourself. Sounds to me that Milan is quite a bitter person and unwilling to take professioanl critcism. Keep up the good work.

  • In reply to Marc Rosenthal:

    Seriously?!? First of all, that blog was NOT written by Cesar Millan. It was written by a Dutch blogger who didn't like what Steve wrote about Cesar. And the infamous photo was manipulated. It came from Season 1 of the Dog Whisperer and was created by stepping frame by frame through the video and finally capturing this unflattering pose of Cesar. This technique is not new and it's often used to create funny photos of celebrities and politicians. A favorite seems to be to show someone "flipping the bird" when in fact they are not doing that at all.
    I would disagree that Millan is bitter and unwilling to take professional criticism. In his recent book "Cesar's Rules" he collaborated with several trainers (Ian Dunbar,Joel Silverman, and others). His goal was to find a balanced approach, not to promote one method over another.
    Anyway, I think the Dutch blogger is probably an 11-year old boy with too much time on his hands. Maybe he has moved on by now!

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    I never said this was written by Millan himself, and suggested in fact it was not. I have no idea if the blogger (who is likely not 11, c'mon....) worked with Millan on these or not. I don't know. I will take your word on the image, but never suggested Cesar 'posed.'

    I won't publicly explain in detail that collaboration with other trainers - and the book is nicely done, actually. But I know his former writer, the person who really wrote these Millan books wanted to include other voices. I know much more about who didn't want to go that route, and why that eventually happened. There's no need for me to write about that here. I will say the real author no longer works with Millan.

    I say nothing here (or anywhere I've ever written) about Mr. Millan personally. However, I (and others) believe that replication of some of his training techniques may be dangerous, particularly if children do so. And his general approach, which I feel is rather antiquated and/or potentially dangerous...and some of what he says we know (based on science) is simply untrue. For example, much of what he has said about wolves. I don't know, am not a wolf expert. But I have spoken to people who are. I also admire Millan for standing up against breed bans, supporting that you can train or retrain many dogs rather than give them up. And I have never doubted his timing and talent with dogs. And I'm grateful he has moved on, as has America, by all accounts.

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    The out-of-context photo used in the blog is a capture from a Dog Whisperer show on YouTube: Season 2, episode 6, pt.3 ("Country Dog,Scaredy-cat" with Booker the Vizsla). At approximately 8:15-8:18 in pt.3 you can see Cesar holding Booker's leash and explaining how he is calming the dog on the busy street...and then...you see where the blogger got the photo. It's funny.

    Thank you for all you do, Steve, even if we don't agree on Cesar :)

  • thank you, Marc!

  • I, too, have a split opinion of what Cesar Milan does in what he calls training.

    What I would like EVERYONE to know is what goes on behind the scenes in military and paramilitary (police, sheriffs, military style "dog training academies") K9 units. When they are in front of the cameras, the handlers call the dogs their "partners." When the cameras are not there, it is something very different, indeed. And, it is happening not just all over this country, but all over the world. Please read the website www.stoplynching.com, and pay special attention to the chapters (links at the bottom of the home page) "Denials and Justifications" and "Why?"

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