Pet Behavior Questions Answered on Bill Moller's WGN Radio Show

Pet Behavior Questions Answered on Bill Moller's WGN Radio Show
Steve mentions his elderly friend, WGN and CLTV's Paul Lisnek on this podcast with Bill Moller

Listen HERE to my weekly appearance with Bill Moller on WGN Radio.

I talk about my resolutions for pets for 2013. 

Listeners participate, as always, Steven's dog seems depressed when the dog returns to the ex-wife each month. Is the dog really depressed? I also talk a bit about firehouse dogs, and how WGN Radio host Paul Lisnek remembers when firehouse dogs ran alongside horse and buggies.

Dog bites growls, and might bite when you pet the dog for too long. Why does she flip out?

At 12-year old Labrador is eating lace curtains, even the bed spread.

Young Pomeranian pesters older dog.  It's like a young kid living with an old person, without asking for permission first. Training, over time, will help with young dog. Pheromone therapy (Adaptil) or Anxitane might help the relieve some of the older dog's anxiety. And give them a reason to like one another.

Older dog doesn't like bowl anymore.


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