Ferret Squad Trailer: Support to Legalize Ferrets in California

Ferrets are fun pets. European or domestic ferrets have been pets for a very long time. Yet, sadly for what amounts to political reasons, ferrets are banned in California. The ferret ban in California is a topic which I've written about many times.

Filmmaker Alison Parker was inspired and offers this preview of her upcoming movie - it's a kids' movie with a message.

The fear is that  pet ferrets would get outdoors and reproduce, and threaten native species and kill chickens - even though for all the other states where ferrets are legal, none of this has ever happened. (Hawaii is the only other state to ban ferrets).

First, if ferrets get outside - reproducing would be quite the trick since the overwhelming majority are spay/neutered. Domestic ferrets are ill-equipped to hunt, no matter how much they resemble their wild cousins. In fact, sadly, when they get out - they often die.

Legalizeferrets.org has done everything that's been asked of them - and still ferrets are often confiscated by authorities in California (who you would think have better things to do).

Filmmaker Alison Parker has prior film ferret experience, and did a short film called "Jake and Jasper, A Ferret Tale" which was very well received and won the following awards:

Best Short Film Award - Nevada Film Festival
Rising Star Award - Canada International Film Festival
Gold Remi Award - Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
Award of Merit - The IndieFest
Honorable Mention - Myrtle Beach International Film Festival
Best of the Fest Award - International Movie Trailer Festival
3rd Place Best Foreign Film - Lake Charles Film Festival

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