AAHA Accredited St. Cloud Veterinary Center Does It All

The American Animal Hospital Assocation's (AAHA) accredited  St. Cloud Veterinary Center in Florida   has been in business since 1973.  And they've seen it all, even sometimes on a daily basis. On our visit one dog was euthanized, where just down the hall another is saved - that's how it goes daily for veterinarians.

The American Animal Hospital Association  is an international association of more than 42,000 veterinary care providers who treat companion animals. Established in 1933, AAHA is well known among veterinarians and pet owners for its standards for hospitals and pet health care. Approximately 3,200 veterinary hospitals voluntarily participate in the AAHA hospital evaluation program. Consultants regularly visit these hospitals to ensure compliance with AAHA’s standards for services and facilities for excellence in pet care.

Personally, I am a huge fan of AAHA practices, it does matter.

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