A Snake On A Plane: Scrub Python Hitches a Ride

A Snake On A Plane: Scrub Python Hitches a Ride
This is the snake on the plane

Qantas has dealt with its own "snakes on a plane" drama after passengers spotted a nearly 10-foot long scrub python clinging to the wing of an aircraft mid-flight.

The snake somehow hitched a ride on the Cairns-to-Port Moresby flight yesterday morning, January 10.

This snake on a plane posed no threat to the passengers, and according to most reports succumbed at the end of the trip.

The Qantas flight was about 20 minutes into its flight when a woman passenger spotted the snake on the wing near the famous flying kangaroo logo. The snake was tucked away under the plane's wing but then the wind caught its tail and dragged it from its hideout.

For the remainder of the flight, the snake was desperately attempting to pull himself back into the plane, even though he was fighting against the speed and force of the plane.

The snake repeatedly tried to haul itself to safety only to be dragged out again by strong winds, which whipped its tail against the rear of the plane, creating a blood trail  The snake was also dealing with freezing temperatures.

It was dead when the plane touched down at Port Moresby.


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