Human Saves Dog

Human Saves Dog
John Kooatian and Casey

I often write about hero dogs who save humans, such as this recent story starring an Australian Shepherd dead-ringer for Lassie. But the human/animal bond works both ways. On July 5, John Koobatian, 13, I was visiting Chatfield Hollow, CT with his friends and family. The same day, Casey, an elderly 15-year-old black lab was also visiting Chatfield Hollow, from nearby Killingworth with her owner.

Koobatian's mom, Nadine Koobatian, says Casey went for a swim in the pond and became disoriented. Casey somehow wound up swimming away from shore and wound up, clearly struggling in the center of the pond."

The dog's owner was frantic but unable to swim. Watching all this from shore, Koobatain swam out to attempt to rescue the by now drowning dog.

After treatment at a nearby veterinary hospital, Casey was released.

Yes, both man's best friend and dog's best friend - it goes both ways.

(thanks to Jamie for the idea for this post)

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