Dogs of Culture: Poem About Violin Loving Dogs

Dogs of Culture: Poem About Violin Loving Dogs

guest poetic blog by Classey Nehrke

Two violin players,

three enraptured dogs.

They all meshed together,

like peat n a bog.


The dogs were busy taking

their daily run in the park.

But this was very different from

their usual outdoor lark.


The violin music they heard

was, to them, like mean on a bone.

They stopped their running abruptly

and flatly refused to go home.


-- Let’s Listen as they tell it--


“We’ve paid all winter for this concert,” they said,

“Being out in the freezing cold.

Chilling our ears and numbing our paws,

as we battled the wind and the snow.”


Now, we get our comeback.

This music sounds so nice!

Who says that dogs do not enjoy

The finer things of life?


And our mistress needed some cheering up.

Her spirits were beginning to droop.

This violin music is so much nicer

than picking up poop with a scoop.


So we gave our mistress quite a start,

guess she didn’t really know her pets.

Perhaps, go to the Opera yet!


No, this was no our usual run.

This “Friday in the park.”

Now, we’re dogs that have “culture,”

and we’re having quite a lark.


They were two talented sisters;

we were three enraptured dogs.

You might say we meshed together

like peat that grows in the bog.


I thank Mrs. Nehrke for classing up my blog, 1,726 posts and my first poem.

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