Dogs at College Help Relieve Stress

Dogs at College Help Relieve Stress

Animal assisted therapy and animal assisted activities often include taking dogs to nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers - but now colleges?

Dalhousie University students are getting a bit of surprising support during finals, today through December 6. Therapeutic Paws of Canada in Halifax,  is bringing in dogs, into a 'Petting Room.' The sole purpose is to offer students a healthy stress release.

There's actually tons of science to support the idea. Listen, it's likely there are students who might be on Prozac or another psycho-pharmaceutical. Thing about a wagging tails are that they are less expensive than a drug and without side affects.

Therapeutic Paws of Canada is a non-profit organization of volunteers providing animal resources for human needs (physical, mental, educational, motivational, socialization) through regular visits to hospitals, residences, schools, etc. Going onto a college campus to hang out his is a first for this organization, or any as far as I know.

It would be really interested to determine, somehow, if grades improve as a result of this program. Or at least if indeed the dogs serve the stress-busting purpose which they're intended.



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  • What a great idea. I have about 10 years working with 2 of my therapy dogs in various settings and my bet is that the students with this opportunity will do better than the students that are not given the "dog treatment". Would love to see a study on this, may be a perfect Thesis or Dissertation.

  • thanks for posting Roger....agreed, of course!

  • Our Pet Partner affiliate group visits the University of South Carolina during exams and it's proven to be very popular with the students. My Papillon, Finian, and I are going back in a couple weeks for finals. Fin thinks he's a big man on campus. :)

  • In reply to Teoti:

    I am sure he is big man on campus...very good - always love your comments.

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