Dog-Napping Grinch Caught

Dog-Napping Grinch Caught
Marley spins with happiness, reunited with best pal

This Christmas wish came true. It sounds like a movie - but there is no George Bailey. Instead, there's a dog named Marley and a little girl named Mia Bendray, from New York City.

On Christmas Eve, the family went into a restaurant to pick up food. As so many people do, they tied up their dog outside, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Marley clearly didn't went to go with the Grinch who swept him up.  You can see this clearly on the surveillance video. The entire city of New York saw this, as the video of the theft was broadcast on TV around the Big Apple. The Grinch was recognized, and nabbed when he tried to sell the dog.

"Thank you, the people of Washington Heights… Those great Samaritans… And now we got him on Christmas Day," Mia's mother Angie Estrada told WABC-TV.

The dog was rescued by Tina Cohen, a high school Spanish teacher, who came across a man on Monday in another section of Manhattan standing on a street corner and yelling that he had a dog for sale. Cohen only had $100 on her. The alleged dog-napped demanded twice that. So Cohen went to a nearby Staples and bought merchandise she then returned for cash. She bought Marley for $200 and quickly took the dog to the veterinarian that treats her own dogs. The vet scanned the microchip to find Marley's family.

In the meantime, other bystanders called the cops, who soon collared the alleged dognapper Brad Bacon, 29. Bacon appears to have been caught on video taking the dog on Monday.

If I walk down the street right now - little question I'll see at least one pup tied outside Starbucks. I've been asked people for years not to tie down their dogs. Without the surveillance video, and cooperation of broadcast outlets, Marley never would might never have been recovered.  Or because the dog was chipped, at least there was a chance he would have been recovered, but then the thief who sold the dog never would have been caught. This is why I am no fan of tying dogs outside.


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  • If the bystanders were calling the cops, why did Cohen give him $200? If nothing else, being a New Yorker, she could have at least argued him down to $75. I suppose that the police will return her money, eventually, but in this case, the crime was theft of dog, not selling it like dope.

    And, again, another instance of someone not realizing that security cameras are everywhere.

  • Jack - I assume you're kidding...she paid knowing there was something wrong. It's what the dude demanded. She apparently took the $$$ from her own money. She took the dog to her veterinarian to scan for a microchip. This person would have been caught - even if the dog wasn't chipped. But still - another score for microchipping.

  • I hope it was a wake-up call for Marley's owners! They were lucky this time. I don't understand how any dog owner can hook their "beloved" pet's leash on a bike rack or a parking meter and then leave them there "for just a minute." There's a person who habitually leaves their dog unleashed, on a "down-stay" outside a store, just to prove how well-trained the dog is. Big deal, a criminal can just grab him and run! And I've seen plenty of dogs tethered outside of Whole Foods in Evanston while their owners shop. Too much of a risk, in my opinion.

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