Chicago Police Officer Shoots Dog

Chicago Police Officer Shoots Dog
Colonel Phillips shot by a police officer for no apparent reason

How can a Chicago police officer shoot an innocent puppy? That answers is still to be determined. I am a huge supporter of the Chicago Police Department, and police officers everywhere. No one seems to like police, until you need them....Having said that, this case is horrific - and the officer must be held responsible. What's more - shooting dogs with no apparent cause is not as isolated as you may think.

In the Buena Park Neighborhood, a Miniature Bull Terrier puppy (about 7-months old) was shot by a police officer  on December 1 while writing a parking ticket (of course - isn't there a bit much of that?). The car's owner offered to move the car, and has he stepped on to the sidewalk from behind the gate of his home, so did his puppy.

There is no evidence that the dog did much of anything, but - according to Fox News Chicago -  a witness reportedly  recalled the police officer  said that the dog is loose...but never threatened to shoot the dog, and would have no discernable reason to offer that threat.

"My little bull terrier followed me out," the dog's owner Al Phillips explains. "Then, all I hear is boom! Boom! Two shots. You shot the dog!"

The puppy - known to the neighborhood as a very friendly dog, called Colonel Phillips. According to the family, the puppy required several hours of surgery. Emergency veterinarians at the Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services & Specialty Center removed shrapnel from  his stomach, and he suffered a lacerated muscle - and more. A source told me, in fact, cutting edge medicine at the emergency center saved this dog's life. So, the good news is that the pup is recovering and is now home.

When the police heard that the family had alerted the media, you might think an apology would be in order. Instead police returned to the home to issue a ticket for the dog being off-leash (Over a day after the fact). Certainly, they are right. It is unlawful for a dog to be off-leash. However, the appropriate penalty isn't  typically to shoot a gun at benign puppies. What's more, there's a nearby school, and pedestrians were reportedly walking down the street. It's only a matter of good fortune that no one was hurt from a stray bullet, aside from the dog.

A police spokesman says the shooting is being investigated by the independent police review authority, which investigates all police shootings.

The Phillips family says they're considering a petition drive to have the officer who shot their dog taken off the streets. They also say that after shooting the dog, the officer put his gun back in his holster, and calmly finished writing the parking ticket.

I suspect it's a lack of training - I'm not sure of the explanation, maybe it's become police come across so many 'bad dogs,' but these instances of police shooting at innocent dogs happens far too often (nationwide, not only in Chicago).  Often police want to ignore these events, or sweep them under the rug. Having said that, in truth, most of the police I know have great compassion for dogs.



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    Let's call this what it is ATTEMPTED MURDER. A petition is great - dont consider it, do it. However, an attorney should be hired by the family asap. the off leash ticket was a slap in the face and an abuse of power. Slap a law suit on their behinds and make them pay ALL medical bills. Your dog has INTRINSIC VALUE (this is what you sue for among others things). These POS cops are out to murder dogs, for NO reason because they don't lie them. OUR FAMILY PETS ARE NOT TARGET PRACTICE. i WOULD INSIST ON A MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION FOR THIS POS COP

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    In reply to Leesa Ash:

    AGREE! I think shooting a dog just gives them an excuse to use their gun.

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    As a bully breed owner, this whole situation is incredibly heartbreaking

  • Thanks Leesa, not sure what a petition will do - at this point there are SO many online petitions....not that it's a bad idea....I think sharing this post, and hearing me on WGN Radio at 10:05 AM talking about this.....and making it a public issue with 'force' the Chicago Police Department to do the right thing....
    Jessica - tes - it IS heartbreaking, agreed.

  • WTF !!!!!! Piece of crap !!!! Shooting an innocent puppy. He was probably bullied as a kid, and now he can hide behind a gun and a badge.... write the ticket asshole..!!! maybe next time you won't be so lucky. if the owner came out and shot your fucking ass!!!! your ass should be fired. So this is the kind of people we have out there to serve and protect... You doughnut eating prick

  • Steve...maybe you should look into this type of thing a little more. I can promise...this is not unusual. It is much more common in Chicago than you think. I promise that....and I would think it should be easy to find with FOIA.

  • Afraid you are right - though not limited to Chicago Danakay

  • This must be awful experience for the family, not only emotional distress but financial as well. Its not cheap to hae dog's surgery, but bottom line here, police officer was crazy to shoot a puppy; and even per say he was intimidating and barking, a 7 month old puppy, come on... just yell or kick or scare away a little dog, that dog is same size as mine, and if you yell or scare them, he runs away very fearful, so yeah I hope this police officer gets kick out of service, that dog didnt deserve such horrible experience.....terrifying for everyone.... hopes the police department pays large damage amount for emotional distress...Good luck to the family and smart way to bring this officer to court, am with you 200%!!!!

  • Interestingly enough, now the next day after the story became public, It seems to have disappeared again. I looked for it on the WGN noon news as well as in this morning's Tribune and there is no mention whatsoever. I can't help but wonder if the CPD ordered everyone to put a lid on it.

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    Shot the puppy then calmly finished writing the ticket? What a jerk. I hope they release his name. He will probably never be disciplined by the PD, but if he's going to be a bully, he should take personal responsibility for his actions.

  • Jaye - was on morning news reports (all channels I watched) this morning and I spoke on the radio about it as did Brandmeier. News cycles though spin, and hopefully someone will keep this in the news. But the CPD doesn't order news organizations.

    Elle - I have his name but not sure how it benefits anyone to release it.

  • Steve. I don't see or hear the morning shows because I am still sleeping. But I enjoyed hearing you on the radio late last night. I hope you will stay on this story and keep us updated. A close friend of mine, Marilyn Frey the head of Rescue me Clifford, told me you are a great guy and totally honest and I believe that.

  • In reply to Jaye:

    thank you and her!

  • the other day I went to pickup my car which was being worked on at a friends house. three dogs came running up to me...two of them barking. All three much bigger than this dog. The ran up, woofed a bit, smelled and ran back off. Probably exactly what this little puppy going to do. Stupid cops !

  • In reply to lilvinnyb:

    Not even - but all accounts this little puppy was standing, wagging his tail - at least a car length away from the officer, who really didn't issue a warning.

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    On a.m. radio they said "shot and killed." Glad to see he is still alive! Really, officer, you are scared of a 7 month old puppy wagging his tail that you have to shoot it twice and then continue writing a ticket? Get a pair, you coward. Hopefully this unstable trigger happy cop will be removed from the force until this whole thing is investigated. I'd love to hear his reasoning why he had to shot the dog twice.

  • In reply to Tracy Cross Poster:

    the officer has not been removed....

  • It's very interesting to me how people disregard the LAW first and foremost then don't take responsibility for what happens after. The same people that talk about dogs being abused seem to forget the opposite side of the fence, when dogs are chomping down on kids or adults. It sickens me that all the biased comments don't show an ounce of compassion for the officer that shot the dog; as if that was his end goal. So I say this, put yourselves in the position of a Police Officer and imagine what they have seen and see...then maybe you with have an ounce of respect from your cushioned seat of safety. And if that doesn't put you in the right state of mind....don't call the Police when you have an issue!

  • What people talking about abused dogs and then forget the opposite when a dog attacks? I don't know - I do know this puppy - based on many consistent witness accounts - did nothing. When a dog attacks a police officer or anyone else, of course, I am all FOR the officer defending himself or herself. But that was not the case here. I have made it clear I am not police bashing. When on the air, and privately, police officers have contacted me, telling me they agree with me. They are not police bashing either. This simply should not have happened. End of story.

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