Beware of Flea/Tick Products Sold Over-the-Counter

I am speaking here with a dude named Brad Canyon about diversion. This all about retailers selling flea/tick products who shouldn't have it in the first place. It's being diverted to them illegally or at least unethically - though pet owners assume the products are fine; they have no way what they're buying might not be so fine....

But there's an even bigger issue for me. By purchasing flea/tick products over the counter (instead of traditional veterinary channels) - here's what we KNOW is happening already....

People making choices based on clever marketing or what that individual retail outlet happens to have - instead of what's best for their household and their pets. As a result, can you believe it - flea infestations are actually up!

The products work - so flea infestations should be on the decline.

Also, by not seeing the veterinarian for flea/tick products, it might be that people are also not purchasing heartworm preventatives (which are not available over-the-counter), and also missing routine physical exams - so illness otherwise discovered early goes undetected. NONE of this benefits our pets, or even our wallets.

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