Steve Dale Learns About Halloween for Pets from Miss Meowsky!

My guest is the fubulista Miss Meowsky of Barker & Meowsky: A Paw Firm (at Sheffield and Armitage, Chicago - if you're not ordering online) is the Neiman Marcus or Macy's of pet stores.

In fact, Miss Meowsky's products are now featured at Macy's stores around America.

Miss Meowsky has samples of some of this year's hottest costumes for pets.

My idea is to get a cardboard box and draw to circles - like headlights. Then take a photo of Mitt Romney and glue it on the cardboard. And bungee the cardboard to the dog so now you have it - a dog riding on a car. It's the Mitt Romney outfit!

Please don't be frightened as you are watching this scary Halloween interview.

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