Dr. R.K. Anderson Talks About Matching the Right Pet For You

Arguably, no one working in the field of companion animal behavior has been as pioneering and has had the impact as Dr. R.K. Anderson.

He passed away October 19, at age 90.

I worked with Dr. Anderson on many initiatives, and was honored to interview him many times.

Here's one sit-down we did at the Western Veterinary Conference a few years back on how to choose the right dog for you, and then once you do getting off the 'right paw.'

We also talked about his baby - the Animal Behavior Resources Institute.

Here are a series of audio podcasts featuring various experts (free on Itunes) from the ABRI.

Here's an interview from Steve Dale's Pet World. We reveal what people are surprised to hear about Dr. Anderson, even before the Hollywood tabloids and TV's Xtra.






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