Battle at Kruger, African Cape Buffalo, Crocodile and Lion

Ask people who live near them, and they will tell you the African Cape Buffalo is the most dangerous animal in Africa.

Yes, lions and crocodiles will kill people, and the hippopotamus or black rhinoceros can be equally cantankerous, and no one wants to fend off a mad cobra....but Cape Buffaol top the list.

Unless a pride of lions is very hungry, even several at once will rarely attempt to take down a healthy 2,500 lb. adult Cape Buffalo....but a young buffalo is another matter. Usually several lion can handle it...but that's not when there are crocodiles nearby (as you can see in the video). Or the Cape Buffalo make a decision to fight for their young - and do so in unison. This is an amazing video- no wonder millions have seen it, but in case you haven't.

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