Taking Pet Photos

Taking Pet Photos
John Caruso and friend

John Caruso is a master at pet photography. I am a fan and friend - his images capture the personality of his four-legged subjects as few can. And often he'll add his own artistry in a way I could never do (because I lack the photography skills, and also he sees your pet differently than you do) . No wonder he is so good at this - it's more than being an expert photographer -  what gives John the edge is that he worked in the animal shelter field for 22 years.

John's tips for getting the best pet photos:

  • Get the light right - photographers know it's all about light
  • Don't force the issue, allow your pet(s) to feel comfortable. Don't think of the photo session as work, but instead have fun and your pet's personality will come out.

In an upcoming WGN Petcast John and I discussed how when the house is burning or about to be blown away, aside from grabbing your pets, and computer as they evacuate - people grab their favorite photos. While you may not view your wedding photos every day (I hope), or the pictures of pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge, they are - priceless.

Another interesting website I came across totally by accident, ADogNamedHurley belongs to photographer Leigh Mott. She takes pets' photos and then paints black and white portraits. Check it out - Cool artistry...Both Mott and Caruso are based in Chicago.


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