Protect Your Pets the Betty White Way; HomeAgain Pet Reovery Microchips

Betty White is always there for animals - even those who are lost. I know most of us think we'll never a lose a pet. And if we're lucky, we won't However, it happens  - and far more often than you think.

Recovering one million pets HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service demonstrates how significant having a microchip is.

It's not only having a microchip - what's equally important is registering with the microchip provider, otherwise when the chip on the lost pet is scanned no one will know who's pet it is. By the way, without that chip, reality is the pet might never be found.


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    I'm lucky that my dogs don't generally run off (but are chipped anywho!), but have many friends with runners and chips have always been what has lead them back home! Very important..I agree with Betty (always!) ;)

  • Jessica - thanks for the comment....and I agree with you and Betty

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