Bloodhound Sniffs Out Bank Robber

Bloodhound Sniffs Out Bank Robber
Here's a rock star, Melanie the Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are the underdogs of the dog the dog world, finding hundreds of lost and confused people, and trekking bad guys but rarely receiving public acclaim.

This time around, a 4-year old Bloodhound made the news, even being dubbed a "rock star," said Frank Bilecki, spokesperson for he Cook Country Sheriff Tom Dart, according to a Chicago Tribune story by Rosemary R. Sobol.

The Glenview State Bank Branch at 2610 Golf Road in unincorporated Cook County, near Glenview was robbed on July 23 at 12:10 p.m. The bank's surveillance camera captured images of the robber, a man in his mid-20's. The robber implied he had a weapon and fled with an unknown amount of cash. No one was injured in the robbery.

Melanie was soon brought to the scene and immediately caught the bad guy's scent. Like a Lassie movie, the Bloodhound led the sheriff's a block and half away.

Once inside the apartment building identified by Melanie, she led police down a hallway to a stairwell, went up to the second floor, where Melanie hit pay dirt. “She put her paws up again on room 205,’’ Bilecki said.

And there you have it - the story of a rock star.

Melanie has a history of heroics. In December, she helped law enforcement officers find an inmate who'd escaped and hid inside a portable toilet.

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