Summer Safety Tips from Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center

Summer Safety Tips from Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center

This is optimistic - here are summer safety tips (which means summer is upon us!) from Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center.

Here a  few hightlighst:

  • Asphalt: Minimize your pet’s time on asphalt. It heats up quickly, burns paws and causes overheating.
  • Beaches, Boats & Pools: Not all dogs are good swimmers. When on or near water, keep your dog in a
    flotation device designed for it.
  • Bug Spray and Sun Screen: Do not use human products on pets.
  • Cars: Never leave your pet unattended in a car, even for short periods of time. Cars heat up quickly and pets
    can suffer from heatstroke.
  • Dehydration: Pets can quickly become dehydrated. If your pet is kept outdoors for part of the day, be certain
    it always has shade and fresh water.
  • Exercise: Your pet needs spring training!
  • Fireworks: Loud noises can be terrifying to pets. Keep your pet inside and secure in a comfortable place,
    away from windows and doors during summer celebrations. Mask the sound with music or television.
  • Parasites: Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes carry disease that can be harmful or even fatal to your pet. Work
    with your primary care veterinarian to develop a program to protect your pet.
  • Travel: When traveling in an automobile, keep your pet securely inside the vehicle by placing your pet in a crate
    or using a specially designed seat belt harness. Be sure your pet is microchipped so your pet can quickly be
    reunited with you should it become lost. (Here's info on pets anxious or who get sick when traveling)
  • Windows, balconies & decks: Each summer, dozens of pets fall or jump from windows, balconies
    and decks. The injuries can be extensive and sometimes the pet cannot be saved.


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  • This was very helpful, Steve. Thank you and you reminded me that I forgot to give my dogs their monthly doses of flea and tick medication. Thanks. ; )

  • wish I would remind you each month Tzippo.....wasn't Tzippo one of the Marx Brothers?

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    If your pet gets seriously injured during an outdoor event, I would head to the animal hospital Chicago IL. Gold Coast Animal Hospital has a great rack record of medical procedures designed specifically for animals.

  • If you pet spends time outside & you're worried they will fall in the swimming pool, equip them with a pool alarm. Pool alarms attach to a collar!

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