Steve Dale, Pet Behavior on WLS-TV News

Talking about behavior issues (that is in pet behavior) with Judy Hsu on the WLS-TV Morning News:


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  • You do such great work promoting pet rescue - too bad you have to spoil things (for me anyway) with the inevitable snarky dig at Cesar Millan and any trainers who are not "positive method" trainers. Sometimes the so-called "harsh" techniques save dogs' lives when their time is running short before euthanasia.

  • You put it well...spoil for you...Turns out I bed 100% of veterinary behaviorists and PhDs on the topic would agree with me, and WELL over 90 percent of certified dog behavior consultants....No sure what those times of "harsh" techniques are, when more humane and more effective alternatives are better. I don't believe I mentioned Mr. Millan or training techniques anyway, except I did say that dogs acting aggressive may have a medical issue, which needs to be rule out first, and also most dogs who are acting aggressive are actually fearful. It has nothing to do with dominance. That is all true - not my opinion, just science.

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    Precisely at 1:42 in the video, you say "you know, there's that TV guy who says dominate your dog...don't even think about that..." So you didn't mention him by name, but it was pretty clear to most of us who you were talking about!! ;)
    Anyway, nice job on the book and good work on pet rescue as always!

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