Memorial Day at Camp Dogwood

I love Camp Dogwood, and am honored to speak there - there are a wide variety of activities (different strokes for different canines), everything from obedience instruction to participating (and getting tips from experts) on Frisbee disc, lure coursing and agility....there are even crafty things to do, beach games and conversations with a myriad of expert dog trainers to a ghost hunter who can reach the spirit world. You can get a massage here, and/or your dog can too! You can bring dog treats, or chef Patti offers a class where you can make them. It a favorite class for many dogs; you do the work - they do the eating. Here are some images from the May 25 to 28 session. The next session is October 5 through 8,



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  • Thanks for the pictures, Steve. This looks like SO much fun! I wonder if my Eskie would like the water - he loves mud.

  • Andrea - ALWAYS good to see your name here! And yes!!! FUN! And I can assure you - there's enough mud around the campgrounds for any dog

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    Thanks for all of the great pics from camp Steve. The ones of Sammy and I did turn out well... he ran the course again this morning quite a few times... he is really liking it! Camp was great, I learned much to help me be a good human for Sammy... and he loved it!

  • I think you're already that good human, Cathy....see you in October at camp - I hope

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    On the Cav/pom puppy -- this could potentially be Episodic Falling Syndrome, a condition known only in cavaliers. It would likely interest researchers into the condition that it may be appearing in a cross (as can other cavalier conditions -- they sadly have a very widespread neurological problem called syringomyelia which seems to affect around 70% of the breed, sometimes very painfully. This could possibly be SM as well as it can cause limb weakness and poor coordination). I am passing along the information to some of the researchers based in the UK. Fortunately Episodic Falling now has a simple DNA test to confirm, that can be done by mailing DNA to the UK. But SM requires a costly MRI to confirm. There is a huge amount of info on these and other cavalier health issues on

  • Karlin - thank you So very much....I will pass this info on...and thanks for reading, commenting on the blog.

  • One more thing - you said nothing about prognosis - just curious....this dog seems so incredibly sweet, of course.

    Would a veterinary neurologist in this country be able to diagnose?

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