Cat Scratch Bieber

Do cats not like Justin Bieber?

In my ebook Good Cat! I answer many behavior questions....lots having to do with litter boxes or scratching in all the wrong places - kind of what you might expect. But there are several rather unexpected questions, including this one - and corresponding answer.

Q: Whenever certain people are on TV, our cat, Lilly, runs to the TV and begins to scratch. This happens when Lilly hears certain music, most recently when Justin Bieber was on TV. She went
crazy! Lilly‘s claws have been removed, so there‘s no damage to the TV, but why does she respond this way? — S.U., Pasadena, CA

A: Cats often express their excitement with a good scratch. Even cats without claws will go through the same scratching motions. I can tell you that. I can‘t explain why certain music is more exciting for your cat, who apparently has ―Cat Scratch Bieber

Now, watch the video....Poor Justin.....

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