WGN Radio Petcast: Help Chicago Animal Shelters By Having Fun!

WGN Radio Petcast: Help Chicago Animal Shelters By Having Fun!

Celebrating Chicago animal shelters and rescues and their upcoming fun events - here's the current edition click on my WGN Radio PETCAST (may take a moment to load).

Abby Smith is a Chicago shelter unsung hero, of the newly re-named and re-branded Felines and Canines (formerly Felines, Inc). Margaritas with catnip will be served at Cinco de Meow on May 5.  Aside from their new name, this shelter will now have a new building. Currently, they adopt around 400 cats a year, now they will be able to adopt more cats, not to mention save some dogs' lives. But they need your help! Drinking a margarita, what a nice way to help.

Bark in the Park is a Chicago tradition - thousands of dogs (and their people too), meet in Lincoln Park (at around Montrose Avenue) each year. This is an important fundraising event for the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago, the largest and oldest shelter here and a leader in so many areas. This year's Bark in the Park is May 5.

The Animal Welfare League of Chicago is essential to saving dogs and cats, that's the shelter John Williams (and WGN Radio listeners) raised all that money for about a year ago when their air conditioning system was vandalized. Linda Estrada is the executive director and president of the shelter and she discusses the state of the shelter world in Chicago, and explains the unique place and the necessary place their facility has at Wabash Avenue.

An angel for Animal Welfare League and many other shelters and rescues is the Trio Animal Foundation,  which Jill Cahr is Vice President. This fairly new group has helped to save so many animals; their annual party - Rockin' for Rescue (at the Double Door in Chicago - so you know it will be a rock party) is around the corner. Jill describes their mission, enormous successes - and the party too!

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