Man Who's Dog Is Responsible for Killing the Pomeranian is Discovered

Man Who's Dog Is Responsible for Killing the Pomeranian is Discovered
This off duty Chicago Police officer at the other end of a leash of a dog who allegedly killed a Pomeranian at Montrose Dog Beach, and reportedly walked away from the scene. A reader of this blog offered a key tip which I passed on to the police.

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog, and several tips - one finally helped to identify the man who's dog allegedly attacked and killed a Pomeranian on St. Patrick's Day at Montrose Dog Beach (Mondog).  Of course, I passed each of those tips on the Chicago Police Department.

One tip was emailed from Mr. John Doe. He identified the man pictured repeatedly on my blog (and in the media and the Mondog website) as a Chicago Police Officer. It turned out that Mr.Doe was correct. Police investigators, as confirmed on WGN-TV, said this is the guy who's dog killed another dog.

Overall, in my experience most people - police officers VERY much included - care about dogs. And the police were taking this matter seriously (arguably more than some might think). It makes me very sad that this apparent show of extreme irresponsibility, and lack of remorse happens to be a police officer. I don't believe this man represents your average CPD officer at all! I applaud the police handling of this matter thus far, and the hard work of the animal crimes unit.

No details (so far) on what charges may be assessed. But this man (not identified by name officially) has been relieved from 'police powers,' according to a media report.

Media reports indicate he's also been cited for failing to report a dog attack.



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  • Thank you for posting this Steve. OMG I'm just in utter shock!! How in the hell could a Police officer do this & act that way!? Pittbulls get a bad enough rap as it is & we both know. So when this story first aired I was pretty upset & disheartened by it. Chalk another one up for bad dog owners being the reason behind bad dog behavior! But the fact that after the dog attack he did nothing & wouldn't identify himself was irresponsible, and just plain bad. To find out he's a police officer just makes me sick & disgusted. I'm glad he was relieved of his duties & I hope he gets the maximum fine & ends up paying for his behavior & what damage his dog caused. I'm going to share your post on my blog the Twilight Bark as well to help raise awareness!!

  • Yes, he is a police officer and his conduct not one you'd expect....but then while I offered the tip, consider it was the police who never hid this and the animal crimes unit that nabbed him.

  • I heard the news on the radio this a.m. Thanks for posting!

  • This is why you should teach your children not to cooperate with police. They are bad people. This guy had a chance to cooperate with the public and witnesses, but took off and refused to give any information.

    full article-

    Twitter @ChicagoRanter

  • In reply to chicagoranter:

    Ranter - really tempted to remove your ignorant comment and self promotion ...this man didn't do the right thing. How this translates to all police officers - not even a logical discussion.

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    In reply to Steve Dale:

    Right on, Steve!

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    In reply to Karen Stout:

    I totally agree Steve. Just because he is one bad cop doesn't mean you should teach your kids not to co-operate with them.

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    There is a drastically increasing amount of headlines about off-duty cops who "didn't do the right thing." Why is that? Shouldn't we be filling these public service positions with respectable, responsible people? But more and more off-duty cops are getting busted for embezzling money, DUI, hit-and-run, and now dog attacks? The career position of police officer attracts the type of people who want power, and want to abuse it.

  • In reply to chicagoranter:

    I think what you're trying to say is that we shouldn't BLINDLY accept that all police are "officer friendly." Everyone is always so shocked that there are bad cops. I think kids should be taught to know what kind of behavior is acceptable/legal from police and they should know what to do if they find themselves in a situation with a "bad cop."

  • In reply to chicagoranter:

    Let's hope you have no childten. Some people just shouldn't breed!

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    So sad that this was found to be a cop. Just the person you are supposed to go to for help in such a situation. Kudos to CPD though for NOT protecting one of their "own" and moving forward with the investigation.

  • In reply to Audri Tarr:

    that's right Audrey...this really, though, is not a story about what the guy does for a living. It's a story about a dog attack (also in front of the dog's owner's 12-year old daughter), losing a family member and a person fleeing the scene. And that person - perhaps knowingly - bringing a dangerous dog to a dog friendly area.

  • First, I have to take issue with someone who brings a small toy type dog to a dog park. I see this all the time, the small dog gets run over by a big dog and the owner freaks out. They are dogs. They don't know any better. Secondly, I want to say you have no idea if this guy knew his dog wasn't dog friendly. Enough with the assumptions on the 'net already.

  • I never said I have any idea at all if this guy knew if his dog had issues with others, or not. But I think it's reasonable to assume that it's possible the dog has previously been aggressive. Dogs don't wake up one day and become something they weren't (unless there is a physical explanation - which is possible). Second, I wrote in previous posts about small dogs....and people who don't watch their dogs....still -
    Third - let's not blame the victim. I have never blamed anyone - except the man for not offering his contact info....allegedly.

  • However, I must say I do thank Mr. John Doe for the email - which I offered the police - which has not been reported in the papers. I don't know why.

    It's true he turned himself in - but he was also aware of this blog and that people knew his identity.

    I heard he's actually very good at his job. I don't know...I just know it's really sad for the family that lost a member....and for the 12 year old daughter who had to witness this.

  • The thing I can't figure out is why the person's name can't be given out. There are enough cell phone pictures of him on the news, leading to tips, including the one you received.

    At a minimum, he should be charged with criminal destruction of personal property. Then his name would have to be released. I smell another police cover up here.

    Fox News last night said that they knew his name, but weren't saying, someone else said that she saw him release the dog from its leash since then on Belmont beach, and the owner of the Pomeranian says that it looks like she is going to have to sue for the vet bills. I hope that at least the Fox reporter told her who to sue.

    If nothing else, it looks like the Chicago Police have another moral degenerate on their hands.

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    I used to take my extremely well trained service dog to dog parks so that he may have some down time playing and socializing with other dogs.... that is until we had an encounter with a very aggressive husky and his owner did NOTHING to stop the attack...and acted as if nothing was wrong....when I, new owner of my pup and quite indignant, informed my dog's trainer of the incident she very strongly suggested to me that I not bring him to dog parks at all as it is her experience (and the academy for which she works for also is of this same opinion) that dog parks are not safe for this very reason. It is soooo very sad that there are those dog owners who take no responsibility to train their dogs and then bring them to dog parks where they can harm others. They have ruined it for my dog and I as I am terrified of chancing another bad encounter. Luckily my lil boy is half pure siberian husky, so our one and only encounter in a dog park turned out okay because he was able to defend himself and the other aggressive dog backed off. My heart goes out to the owners of that pomeranian. I cannot even imagine their sorrow and grief over this.

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