HSUS: Lawyers In Cages

To my understanding, there's great truth in this video - I know some may comment unkindly about me posting....guess I will find out. . . I was really torn about posting this....and procrastinated for some time. But ultimately I decided to let all of you decide.


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  • Great video Steve! It has bothered me for a long time that so many people donate to HSUS thinking that it has an affiliation with their local shelter. If people want to support HSUS it's fine, but they should do so with open eyes.

  • Thanks for posting this....I had no idea that's what HSUS is about...

  • Thanks, Steve. "Act locally" is always a better way to go. Funny video.

  • Someone has to take the initiative to wake up those people.....they are too busy running after their tail in daily life and routine. You took a step and it would make a difference.

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