Demonstration Over Cruel Treatment of Cats by Loews Hotels

Demonstration Over Cruel Treatment of Cats by Loews Hotels

I've been covering this story for some time.

Volunteer employees had begun a program of trap, neuter, return at one of the three Loews properties at Universal in Florida, and began expand on their efforts with some success. Overnight, new management decided the only answer was to exterminate the cats.

You read that right.

When bloggers and local mainstream media heard about the story, Loews temporarily stopped. Alley Cat Allies and others offered to help, but the Loews management evidently wasn't hearing the answer they wanted to hear. So, they began what amounts to a war on feral cats on their properties. Anyone on the cats' side is considered an enemy and may be fired, what's more the way which the cats are trapped borders on inhumane. And the still to be answered question: Where do these cats go? Loews doesn't seem to care. Luckily some volunteers in Florida do care, but as of now cats are living in cages in volunteers' garages. It's horrible and absolutely unnecessary.

So many people are upset there is going to be a protest, organized by Alley Cat Allies, a demonstration held by cat lovers in Orlando. Or the Facebook page about the demonstration.

For background, here's my Tribune Media Services story.

For the first time, a Loews spokesperson answers questions.

I was there when Loews began their 'Loews Loves Pets' campaign. I offered advice, and as a thank you, I recall we were given a night's stay (with our pets, of course). What happened to Loews loving pets?


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    These Trap neuter and Release are charging less for Feral Cats because they never leave the premises alive! Who are they kidding? Good people want to help these cats and are Duped into believing the cats will be released. It takes a minute of their time to make an easy $25. DON'T MENTION THAT THE CAT IS FERAL, AND,SAY THAT YOU WILL PICK UP THE CAT AFTER NEUTERING! Then the price goes "up" since you are claiming it as a Pet.

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    A lot of Vets are only in it for the $$$$, They know how much people love their Pets and really take advantage of that. Shameful!!! Where.s the compassion for both, the animal and the people? Take small payments over a year if necessary, but use your "talents" in a good way! Help the Animals! Then worry about the $$$$.

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