Bill Leff Celebrates National Pet Day

Bill Leff Celebrates National Pet Day
Bill Leff once touted pet gibbons - he knows stuff....and Bill is a huge supporter of National Pet Day.

I can't believe it! How could I get a parking ticket on April 11, today of all days?

I know Chicago's cut back on what they call a - no on Pulaski Day or Arbor Day - No free parking....But how about Christmas, or New Year's Day, or today - National Pet Day USA. I thought for I would be exempt from any parking regulations today.

Indeed, today is a good day to hug your pet.

Well, maybe not - more on this in a future post - but our pets learn to tolerate our hugging them, but dogs and cats aren't primates - they don't hug. Little kids who mean well and do what comes naturally sometimes get bitten when they hug pets. what can we do on this important day for our pets.

My answer: Love them, and they will give back love you - 10 times more. It's what they do.

One of the world's greatest pet enthusiasts (okay, he's easily enthused and just as easily amused), Bill Leff and I talk about National Pet Day and more, after midnight (on April 12 really) 12:30 AM, on WGN Radio, 720 AM or listen here.

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