WGN Radio Petcast: Support for Hank the Cat; Tree House Free Cat Adoptions; Pets' Oral Health

WGN Radio Petcast: Support for Hank the Cat; Tree House Free Cat Adoptions; Pets' Oral Health

Clieck HERE for the latest WGN Radio PETCAST:

BREAKING NEWS: For the first time in the nearly 45 year history of the Winn Feline Foundation, the non-profit funder of  cat health studies is supporting a political catidate - Hank, the cat.

Hank is running is running for Senate in Virginia - and so far, doing quite well in the polls. I speak with Hank's campaign manager.

Tree House Humane Society's development director Jenny Schlueter announces a new development. In an effort to simply for more cats to find more homes, Tree House is participating in the ASPCA Mega Match-Athon adoption event. Tree House is determined to adopt 26 cats in 26 hours (or even more cats)  March 30 through April 1,  Talk about incentives, all the adoptions fees are waived! Still, all adopted cats are spay/neutered and health checked, and assessed for any behavior issues. So, actually even the usual $85 fee is a bargain.

All adopted cats (and there are over over 200 to pick from, of all ages, shapes, from couch potato FIV cats to young cat will rock'n roll) will get other stuff too - including a cat care package, a hemp collar (Jenny talks about whether or not you can smoke this) and cat litter. Everyone who adopts over this time will have their name entered into a drawing to get even more free feline accessories.

Open wide - Veterinary dentist Dr. Cindy Charlier talks oral health for our pets, and how their mouths may actually be associated with their overall health. Why brushing really does make a difference, and how to make brushing actually fun in pets; twice a year preventative care; what really happens when your pet goes in for a dental what really happens....and also the controversial topic of anesthetic-free dentistry.

Dr. Charlier is at Fox Valley Dentistry and Surgery and  Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center.

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