Talking About Change at Animal Control on WGN Radio and more

Talking About Change at Animal Control on WGN Radio and more
Keep an eye on your dog, on-leash is best...There's squirrel poison out, and if ingested may be fatal

Listen HERE to my usual 10:30 A.M CDT Saturday appearance wthl Bill Moller on WGN Radio.

Why I am thrilled about Sandra Alfred taking as Commissioner of Animal Care and Control for Chicago. This change will save animal lives. In the animal welfare arena, this change is in my opinion long overdo, but does correct a VERY poor decision (which dates back to toward the end of Mayor Daley's term)  which has impacted the Chicago welfare community and more animals than anyone can count.  And a public 'thank you' to anyone who has worked or volunteered at animal care and control in Chicago or anywhere.

The story about what's going on concerning the poisoning of dogs (with squirrel poison) in Chicago.  Watch Dr. Natalie Marks explain.

In an emergency, here's one emergency facility to consider (Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center).

Callers talking about:

- A cat inappropriately pooping outside the box and chewing an and swallowing items the cat shouldn't

- Anal gland issues

- A crazy Beagle (but not for a Beagle) who lunges and barks on a leash

Check out Tree House Humane Society's party for cats, March 30-April 1....Free adoptions!

I also talk about Ebooks "Good Dog!" and "Good Cat!"

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