Squirrel Poison Killing Chicago Dogs

Squirrel Poison Killing Chicago Dogs
This is what squirrel poison looks like - be on the look out. If you see this, of course, keep your pet away, and report to authorities. I'd also clean it up (wearing gloves) so no squirrel (or someone else's pet) finds it.

It's been a long time since I've been this angry.

Someone (or several people) are leaving out squirrel poison.

No one knows if the intent is to poison squirrels or to poison dogs - no matter, both squirrels and dogs are dying.

According to WGN-TV, at least four dogs have died in the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods. No one knows how many squirrels. I Lakeview saw one dead squirrel in a grass parkway - seemingly died of illness, but I have no way to know why the animal died.

I challenge anyone to come forward and explain why! It's a coward who kills unknowing animals this way.

We do NOT have a squirrel overpopulation problem in the city. In fact, in several neighborhoods the once common squirrels are now a rare sight. I don't know why. I do know there is no reason to kill them.

Of course, leaving out squirrel poison is illegal. If you have any idea who may be responsible, call the police, write me or certainly do something.

Here are some tips:

  • Please take care in walking your dogs. Sometimes the poison is left in alleys, so it might be a good idea to avoid alleys all together.
  • Teach you dog to "drop" or "leave it." Begin the training for this valuable lesson indoors. Put a piece of kibble on the floor, but you hold a far more valued treat like a little piece of (low salt, low fat) lunch meat or pieces of turkey or hot dog. Either say "leave it" before your dog gets it, and the split second the dog's attention wavers, pop the goodie. Your dog leaves the kibble and gets gold. Or say "drop" the split second your dog picks up the kibble, and wave the turkey meat or hot dog in front of the nose - he or she won't mind dropping for the far more preferred delicacy.
  • Talk to others walking dogs about suspicious behavior of any kind in the neighborhood
  • Cats are not as likely to scarf up the poison, but it can happen - however, if you keep the cat indoors (or only outside under supervision), there is no threat.



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  • This reminds me of a recent episode of 1000 Ways to Die, wherein a landlord was spraying rat poison all over the place, including in his tenants' gardens. Since the poison was basically Cumatin (blood thinner), a tenant who was harvesting her wheat grass for "healthy" drinks became sicker and sicker until her organs hemorrhaged. This struck a chord with me because i have an breaker box in my backyard and the company has several times wandered through my garden, spray-painting plants to mark lines. In summation: watch what you AND your animals eat off the ground! People can be careless (if not downright evil).

  • wow - Dan....spraying rat poison? Thing, though is that sometimes our dogs do scarf stuff up so fast....but I agree

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