Snake Update: Justin Bieber's Johnson

Snake Update: Justin Bieber's Johnson
Justin Bieber showing a friend his Johnson. Apparently, the star grew bored with the pet, but there's a happy ending for a charity, a zoo and a snake

Justin Bieber sure knows how to impress the girls; his Johnson is the way to their hearts.

Johnson is a young Boa Constrictor, who was Beiber's "date" for an music awards show. The RAD Zoo Owatonna, MN landed the reptile.

According to news reports, Michael Kronick, owner of Minneapolis-based celebrity memorabilia website Startifacts, won the auction, which benefits  Pencils of Promise . Kronick said he was “disgusted” by Bieber putting his own pet up for auction, and wearing an animal as a fashion accessory at the Video Music Awards.

Since he was worried someone would get the snake and not take care of it, Kronick won the auction and had the snake shipped directly to the reptile heavy zoo, where he knew it would be well-cared for.

It was a smart move and a selfless one - no question, the snake will receive great care and Johnson's notoriety will help the small zoo, which is now receiving international acclaim.


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