Liver Means Happy Cats at Veterinary Office

So brilliant, so simple....Doesn't work with all cats - but liver on one end, an injection on the other.

Dr. Sally Foote demonstrates how making practices cat friendlier means s happier cats, which means happier owners.

Happy means more likely you will return with your cat to the veterinarian..

CATalyst Council are studying ways practices can make a difference for cats using real data. The American Association of Feline Practitioners is certifying practices as cat friendly....all for the same goal -


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  • I wonder how cats in their natural state ever got a taste for liver (maybe from the big cats who hunted for game) or tuna (I haven't seen one fishing for tuna like, say, a bear fishes for salmon).

  • Now - THAT is a GREAT question....Cats are not in 'their natural state' it's been a few thousand years....also there is at least one kind of wild cat (Asian Fishing Cat) who does live for fish.....I think Lynx will and perhaps other species in the Amazon (Jaguarundi), though it is not their staple.

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