Dog Teaches Baby to Crawl

What's interesting and sweet in this video?

What might not be so good? Anything?


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  • You are giving the dog too much credit. I think of what happened to that TV reporter who put her face too close to another dog. A child's safty is much more important than getting a cute video for cyberspace.

  • first, thanks for the comment.

    Actually, I have some concern as well about the dog being in the baby's face. Listen, odds are this dog is totally wonderful!!! And there is an adult nearby....but still, I appreciate you bringing this up.

    Maybe the baby was going to turn around and crawl some anyway...but we do know about observational learning, and you can see the baby looking at the dog. Is the dog a teacher? Maybe.

  • Relevant dogs now showing up on America's Funniest Home Videos, including yesterday one pulling the bottom of a baby's onesie, keeping the baby from crawling.

    But better yesterday was the dog on Camara Loca (apparently a breed that wears neckerchiefs) getting something out of the refrigerator for his master. I said about half way through "the dumb dog didn't close the refrigerator door," but about 20 seconds later, he went back and did. My apologies.

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    Regarding the TV reporter who was bitten on air, these are two entirely different situations. The TV reporter and handler were not observing the dog's signs of discomfort and nervousness, and had the handler been more observant and the reporter more knowledgable, the bite, most likely, wouldn't have happened. The dog in the video above is entirely comfortable and showing no warning signs.

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