CATaylst: If Cats Had Thumbs

CATaylst: If Cats Had Thumbs
Cat Stanley chimes in between naps

You may have missed this - I missed it, March 3 was National If Pets Had Thumbs Day. Who knew?

Cat Stanley, the CATalyst Council spokescat commented on what prospect would result in.....

1.       Eat more tuna. I’m embarrassed to even write this since it’s so obvious.  Most cats enjoy fish, but I really, really love it, far more than other cats.  If I had thumbs and could therefore open the cabinet, grasp the can and work the can opener, I would eat more tuna than any cat ever has.
2.       Actually catch that red dot. I am certain that the only reason I can’t catch that evasive red dot (on laser light toys) is because I do not have thumbs.  I am consummate hunter, top of the food chain, cousin of lions and tigers, so it cannot be my athletic ability nor can it be a lack of cunning.  Therefore it must be the fact that I do not have the correct digits to properly grasp the darn thing.
3.       Arrange the blinds.  If I had thumbs, I would finally be able to adjust the blinds throughout the house so that I could get maximum sun exposure all day. Think of the improved basking!
4.       Perform more advanced acrobatic feats. If you thought I got myself into precarious situations without thumbs, think of all the places I could go if I had the ability to grasp! The banister would pose no problem; the jump to the ceiling fan could be easily executed.  Why?  Because I had thumbs!  You people have no idea how lucky you are.  So why don’t you swing off the ceiling fan more often?
5.       Comb myself. I do love a good brushing, and, if I had thumbs, I could brush myself for hours a day. Think of how luxurious my coat would look and how handsome I would be. As if being more handsome were even possible.

Cat Stanley would have had more to comment on - and would have done it sooner - but then there was his nap schedule.

CATalyst Council is non-profit with support of veterinary and shelter professionals as well as other stakeholders to elevate the status of cats.


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  • Following up on my AFV theme, they had a dog eating junk food, except that for some reason, the dog's arms didn't look right, and Tom Bergeron's comment was "They grew opposable thumbs just for that?" He didn't indicate that the clip was in honor of National If Pets Had Thumbs Day. In any event, the food did go into the dog's mouth.

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