Pudding the Adopted Cat Saves A Life

Pudding the Adopted Cat Saves A Life
Amy Jung and Pudding (photo by Tina M. Gohr/Gannett Wisconsin Media)

How fast does it take for a pet to bond? A woman in Sturgeon Bay, WI adopted a couple of cats from the Door County Humane Society. Amy Jung and her son Ethan decided on a large orange cat named Pudding and his pal, Wimsy.

As soon as the new family arrived home,  21-lb. Pudding made himself right at home - as if he lived there in another one of his lives.

Amy went to bed, and was sleeping for not quite two hours when she began to have what was likely a diabetes induced seizure. Jung told the Green Bay Press that Pudding used all his girth to kind of rouse her, even biting her face and nose. All that effort by Pudding worked, and Amy began to weakly call for help. But her son, sound asleep in his room, didn't hear.

If this isn't amazing enough up to this point - Pudding figured all this out, and ran into Ethan's room - and did the same thing, jumping on his chest and meowed to awaken him Ethan. Once awake, he called for help. Amy says she's here today because of Pudding.

With her doctor's encouragement, she's registering Pudding as a therapy animal.

Pudding is a wonderful name - but this cat could also be called Lassie.

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