Gingrich Loves Animals; Dogs Are Against Romney

Gingrich Loves Animals; Dogs Are Against Romney
You may not love his planned policies, but Gingrich loves animals....Romney, not so sure







If you happen to be running for public office, you want to attract or some may say 'pander' to specific aligned constituencies. Of course, there's the gay vote, the labor vote, the ladies who wear big Easter bonnets vote, etc. Most constituencies are maybe 10 to maybe 30 percent of the votes. Even getting 'soccer moms' accounts for well under half of all voters. Men are about 50 percent of the votes.

Some running for office have discovered one of the largest constituencies of all are pet owners. That's over 60 percent of households, and far over that number of potential votes have a pet.

I suppose that is why Newt Gingrich created a pet loving website.

In truth, Gingrich - I happen to know - really is an animal lover.

Mitt Romney has a website too - but quite the reverse. The site is 'Dogs Against Romney.'

You may the following story  hard to believe; I'm not playing politics here - it's true.....

Mitt Romney took the family on a road trip in 1983, and that included the family dog. The only problem is that Seamus was strapped to the roof of the car, riding inside the carrier for 12 hours at around 50 to 70 miles-per-hour.

No wonder, over 35,000 'like' the Dogs Against Romney Facebook page.

The candidate has insisted publicly, "My dog loved it." Romney blamed animal rights groups for the criticisms, noting, "They're not happy that my dog likes fresh air." According to media reports, Seamus "loved it" so much that he apparently soiled himself during the ride. Besides, traveling with a dog on the roof of the car is unlawful.

As the website points out "Dogs are not luggage."

I know it sounds wild that anyone - even back in the 1980's - would travel with a dog on a car roof, and even more crazy is that today Romney defends that decision (instead of saying, 'I know better now'). And he proudly touts - it's an airtight kennel. What!!!??? (click and watch Romney's comments for yourself).


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  • Dogs may not be luggage, but there is the debate on Chicago Political Commentary whether PETA is a dog's friend, either.

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