Bill Moller Pet Segment Rewind

Bill Moller Pet Segment Rewind
Bill Moller talking to me, on my regular 10:30 AM Saturday appearance on WGN Radio

Check out this podcast of my appearance on Bill Moller's Show on WGN Radio (from February 18, 2012).

I write here what I was really thinking for each of the phone calls we took and topics we spoke about, as you listen.

Bill wondered, should that Pekingese have won the Westminster dog show? I personally was rooting for the Dalmatian or Irish Setter. Not only were they great examples of their breeds, but personally I want to see a smiling dog with a happy tail wag win the dog show; these dogs were having a great time! And I'm all about temperament, and want to see these dogs bred more.

I'll be announcing the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show Groups and Best in Show on Sunday, February 26. I love dog shows (and cat shows!). I have no problem with  responsible breeders. In fact, expert reproductive scientists agree, for the future of dogs - we need responsible breeders. Right now, they're the only ones breeding, aside from puppy millers and backyard-types. Which group do you want to see continue to breed and have influence? Blaming responsible breeders for dogs who die in shelters makes no sense. No one wants dogs to die in shelters, and one thing has nothing to do with the other.

And Bill  sought  my views of the Pedigree company being dropped as the Westminster sponsor? The ads are memorable, and worth discussing now - even after being 'dropped.' Well, if the ads are memorable, then they are effective. Isn't that what you want? I think the ads are great - dogs do die in shelters, it's awful. Why not tell the truth? The Pedigree Foundation, in particular, does great things to help shelters - we should be celebrating, not denigrating.

I talked about the Trio Animal Foundation benefit  - an event where a highlight is watching the Chicago Blackhawks, February 24 at Witts bar - more here.

And I talked about the Lincoln State Cat Show. I love cat shows and this cat show, in particular. I'll be broadcasting on Bill's Show from the Lincoln State cat show Saturday, February 25 from Harper College in Palatine.

- A dog marking the house...I was trying to figure out if the dog is truly marking or has lost house-training along the way, and if there's a separation anxiety issue? I couldn't. I did the best I could, but ultimately this family needs an expert to come in and take time to determine what's really happening. There weren't enough hints for me to responsibly answer on the radio.

- German Shepherd Dog who barks at the fence - it's kind of what dogs can do, barrier aggression. So barking at a fence is normal for dogs left outside in the yard a lot. The answer could be to bring people in the front door then. This dog might also be fearful, especially if the dog is barking always even (as suggested later in the call) when people go through the door. We think the dog is protecting us. Maybe. But more likely it's a dog who's afraid.

- A dog with a drooping eye - I had no idea why the dog's eyes are drooping - maybe too much reading at night? Since the owner's veterinarian doesn't know, then a veterinary ophthalmologist likely will - and there are specialists at the Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, including veterinary ophthalmologists.

-Chairman Meow has a problem, and attacks visitors to the house. Is this a petting intolerance issue, the way some people coming into the house smell, a cat who disdains strangers in general and believes the best defense is a good offense or redirected aggression? I wish I knew in radio time...because the answer is different depending on what the issue is. And it would have taken 30 more minutes to really drill down. I did say if the cat is anxious plugging in Feliway will help. And when people come into the house, ignore the Chairman, at least for starters - and this might do the trick.


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