Pit Bull Attack in Chicago

Pit Bull Attack in Chicago
A running shoe rests on the ground next to to the body of a Pit Bull near a path at Rainbow Beach Park on Chicago's South Side where a man was attacked by two dogs and is in critical condition. ( José M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune / January 2, 2012 )

I can hear it now - another call for Pit Bulls to be banned. Of course, the blame will be focused on all Pit Bull-type dogs - not that the owners who allowed dogs off-leash with a collar, but without tags, and well off their property.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a  62-year-old man was critically injured January 2 after he was attacked by what police described as two adult Pit Bull terriers while jogging along the lakefront in the South Shore neighborhood, Rainbow Beach, 7715 S. South Shore Drive.

The man was bitten by the two dogs over his entire body, including his legs, arms and face and remains in critical condition. The Tribune reports, "They just wouldn't let the man go," said Stanley Lee, 35, who came to the victim's aid, trying to beat the dogs off with a baseball bat. The dogs didn't cease their attack until police shot them.

There are reports from nearby residents that complaints had been levied about roaming dogs in the area - but Chicago animal care and control have not responded. The dogs belong to someone but thusfar police have not determined who.


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    BSL is not the answer. Let's look at what this is....two unsocialized, unaltered male dogs, that are unusually large and muscular, roaming the area, in an area that is known for gang and drug activity. These dogs were NOT someones pets...they were bred for a reason, to guard the drughouse, or for the ring. Laws need to be put in to practice that go after the dog owner under Illinois criminal law, NOT City ordinances that punish with a meaningless fine that these gangbanging drug dealers will get back in a weekend of brisk business. Your animals maim or kill someone, and it is due to you being irresponsible, you get charged with a felony, and go away for awhile. City ordinance also needs to be stronger. Why is the City of Chicago allowing people to own more then one unaltered animal without a breeders, or kennel permit (in which the owner will be required to register each animal of which they can only own two, chip them, and keep ACC and the local police district up to date on the animals whereabouts)? Also...I don't want to point the finger at Cherie Travis.the Director at CACC..but when the residents as well as the Park District (was told tonight by some former and current employees there about emails that were sent by the Park Dist. folks asking to target this area) tell you there is a specific problem, in a specific area, you need to do your job as an AC director, and protect the public by saturating the area with your officers. Not sure this happened here...but if she knew this was an issue in this area, and did nothing to abate it, she needs to be held accountable. Trying to save everything, and put in doggie playgrounds, and trying to look good in the media is nice, but not at the sake of lower standards of public safety, which really...is Animal Control's primary responsibility.

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    I agree with the above comment.., and as to Animal control.., you ever see some of the workers there? I would gamble as to their background (criminal) and competency to do their job.
    Back in the day.., many of them were supplying dogs to their buddies for numerous reasons. I don't trust anyone from AC to properly handle ANY animal related issue, and have personally seen the way they work.
    That place needs a complete overhaul.

  • nothing will be done. The animal rights people who push there moral compass on me in my blog wont step into there neighborhoods and work into the community and change the culture.

  • *these

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    *their, *their

  • DogCop17 probably is correct.

    Even if they were trained for "Mike Vick" purposes, the question is whether the police will ever find the owners, and get aggravated battery charges to stick.

  • Evan, there are animal welfare folks as I write this working very hard in the community to do what they can....but culture doesn't only change that way....the pastors are working and teachers to change it with these folks are working grass roots...They are there, I know that, though I have no idea about who is replying to your blog.... if gang life is prevalent, it's unfortunately not as easy as saying 'there's a better way.'

    As for the failings of animal control - I can't begin to tell you in this space...except to say it makes me very sad on so many levels. I hope this comes out so people know.

    I've commented about this and will continue to in many venues....but no matter who is operating animal care and control (unless these dogs were complained about previously - and they may have been), the agency can't oversee every dog in Chicago. But to Mike's point about the overhaul, YES! It seems everyone in animal welfare knows this and so do many many public officials - yet nothing is done. It's very sad. If only our Mayor knew what myself and others knows. I can't believe he does.

  • What are the names of the organizations? I would like to know maybe I can volunteer. I wrote a blog on this site about inner city/animals rights. I asked a question and it was misconstrued.

  • In Chicago, Safe/Humane Chicago

  • Their intent great, ideas brilliants - but now aligned with the City, in all honesty not sure about their effectiveness today.

  • I'll look it up. Thanks!

  • "but Chicago animal care and control have not responded. The dogs belong to someone but thusfar police have not determined who." No. If you read the entire Trib article, you'll see that the owners contacted Cherie Travis and CACC. The owners are known and CACC DID respond. Maybe they just didn't respond to Steve Dale yet.

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    I have nothing to do with this - responding to me? According to press reports (which I have not confirmed), neighbors have complained with out response about roaming dogs at this location in the past

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    sorry, I was just being sarcastic...
    Anyway, there should be phone records because the appropriate number to call for "loose dogs" is 311. Easily documented - I'm sure the police have access.

  • This is why I own a plant.

    Not a dog. Not a cat. Not a ferret. See, plants usually don't attack people. They also don't poo. But the biggest reason I own a plant is that the ladies think I'm a responsible and modern gentleman. Hahahaha, jokes on them. Thank you Weeping Fig.

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    Thank you Mr. Jimmy Johnson for putting the responsible owners at risk of losing their beloved dogs. There is obviously something wrong with ANY breed of dog that has had a history of problems. The owner didn't care about learning how to fix it and if I had a dog, especially a pit bull that was human aggressive, it would be put to sleep. We are putting the breed in jeopardy and the pit bull community at deep risk. I am furious over this. Furthermore, the dogs that attacked were 70 pounds? I would bet these dogs were not full APBT's but a mix of some sort.

    I would love to see what the dog bite stats are in urban areas/low income areas. Unfortunately, the owners want a dog that is an accessory and think it is great to have a dog that is vicious. These areas are overpopulated with people that want pit bulls (or what they think is a pure bred pit bull).

    To keep things in perspective, I hope the victim makes a full recovery. It is a travesty someone had to be mauled because of an irresponsible owner.

  • If the city passes BSL, what will happen at Chicago Animal Control ? 90% of the dogs in the adoption rooms are pits or pit mixes.

  • In reply to ex emp:

    Yes- you are right EX emp - if you are an ex employee of Chicago Animal Control, you know how bad things are now (and PLEASE tel your Alderman)only because of 'leadership,' at least that is what everyone says....Yes, it would be a disaster.

  • The aldermen know, downtown knows, every ex-employee knows.
    Note to Mike: Animal Control is being "overhauled". Almost every employee that knows how AC should work has been let go or quit. "non-violent" prisoners who don't care are cleaning dogs-they're certainly not cleaning cages.12 employees who cared for the animals were laid off to make room for people licensed to euthanize(kill). Who said no-kill Chicago?
    As for the 50-60 pits in adoption, some have been there for months being "saved". Who's going to adopt a pit now after all the news?

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