Pet Books for the Holidays

Here a litter of new books, all make inspirational, sweet or fun reading - perfect for the howlidays.



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  • Books of the type you wrote about in your blog article 'Pet Books for the Holidays' are fabulous. They serve a purpose, but do not underscore the need for planning in advance regarding one’s companion animals and estate. Books that highlight for the general public the need and importance of including one's pets in one's estate planning should also make all holiday shopping and gift lists. It is a gift of love.

    Our intention when we created our book, ‘Fat Cats & Lucky Dogs’, was that it would be an easy to understand and complete resource of information and ideas that the pet lovers could immediately use; for providing guidance to those who would like to explore planning possibilities for their families and pets; and for stimulating people to take action before they are in a position where they can’t.

    We hope as many people as possible will be encouraged to deal with this type of planning rather than leave it to others, public pet care facilities and the courts when they no longer can.

    We believe our book is of great value to everyone who loves their companion animals.


    Barry Seltzer, Lawyer & Professor Gerry W. Beyer, Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law, Texas Tech University School of Law

    A few observations about ‘Fat Cats & Lucky Dogs’

    I have received ... a copy of your book, Fat Cats & Lucky Dogs. I look forward to reading it...

    Very truly yours,
    Supreme Court of the United States

    The book if full of wonderful anecdotes and sound advice. I know I will enjoy reading it.

    Sincerely yours,
    Supreme Court of the United States

    Thank you for...your book...I look forward to reading it. It is so nice to see other animal lovers taking time to instruct people on how to care for their pet's well being.

    Martha Stewart

  • Lucky, I am in good mood for the holidays....this is really offensive - no way to get a book promoted.This is hardly even a subtle plug

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    Ok, I really don't have a "dog" in this fight but had to laugh at the observations about the book. I can't argue that they are observations, however, due to the fact that all three said they hadn't read the book yet!

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    We sell Duffy in our store (which I won't even tell you where it is because this is not a plug!). Duffy really is a sweet book that appeals to readers of all ages.

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