My Cat Has Diabetes, Now What?

My Cat Has Diabetes, Now What?
Dr. Ruth MacPete talks about feline diabetes on Steve Dale's Pet World

Can you believe 1 in 200 cats is suffering from diabetes? The answer from private practicing veterinarians is generally, 'No.' In the 'real world,' they maintain the numbers are even higher.

As a guest on my show,  Steve Dale's Pet World, Dr. Ruth MacPete talks about diabetes in cats. LISTEN HERE, as Dr. MacPete explains the way we feed cats, their weight and genetics matters a lot - as well as a lack of exercise and maybe more factors we don't know about.

Once a cat is diagnosed - it's usually about adjusting their diet (to low carb, high protein), weight loss (since most diabetic cats are overweight), increased exercise (since most diabetic cats being overweight don't get a lot of exercise - which is beneficial to adjust metabolism) and medical treatment (insulin). with luck some cats may go into remission. Other cats are usually treated and managed, and go onto to live enhanced quality of lives.  My Cat Has Diabetes is a great website, where you can learn more.

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