Too Much Thanksgiving Bird for the Pets

Too Much Thanksgiving Bird for the Pets

What you need to remember for Thanksgiving - concerning your pets.

Everyone's sitting around the table eating that wonderful Thanksgiving meal....

Your dog - even your cat - may be hanging around that that dining room table.

Truth is a very little bit of white meat from the turkey, some veggies, all fine for your dog or cat....The problem is how much we offer.

To a very small dog or a cat, a slice of turkey is pretty much like you or I chowing down 10 to 15 slices of turkey.

So, here's what sometimes happens...Aunt Sally and Uncle Buddy love your pets, so they each off a slice or two....and so so Aunt Ethel and Uncle Fred, and before you know if even a larger dog (let along a small dog or a cat) has had too many slices. Now, if there's fat on the meat - pancreatitis becomes a real possibility, aside from the upset tummy or worse as a result of simply too much food.

Sometimes, it's easier to control your pets (can you say - go to your crate or go to a bedroom with a door closed, or even "down/stay") than to control Aunt Sally and Uncle Buddy, or Aunt Ethel and Uncle Fred.

Controlling our pets - that's possible,

Controlling our relatives - that's impossible.


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