Adopt A Pet Day, for Anti Cruelty Society with Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka's Critters

Judy Baar Topinka's Comptroller's Critters hosted an Adopt A Pet Day event with dogs and cats from the Anti Cruelty Society, Friday, October 28 at the James R. Thompson Plaza, State of Illinois Center.



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  • Looks like it was a great event. There's a gala for the Heartland Animal Shelter (no-kill) Saturday, November 5th in the northern suburbs. Hoping your fans check it out.

  • Well, Sue - if the folks let me know more - I may be able to blog about it. And let's stop promoting no kill as if that solves our problems. It doesn't - just moves them to others who need to kill. Not your fault - something I should write about, people don't understand. Of course, no one wants to kill....but those marketing themselves as such often just make a problem worse for someone else in town.

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    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to know some dogs got adopted too!!!!

  • Yes, Ann, several dogs were adopted - was excellent!

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