Snakes in His Pants

Snakes in His Pants
A man was arrested at Miami International Airport after being caught attempting to board a plane with seven snakes and three tortoises hidden in his pants. (TSA photo)

I believe security at the airport is inconsistent, and often attention is focused on the wrong people. I travel enough to tell many stories - here's one, a man who had to be near 90 (or over) was told, "Get up and walk through (the X-Ray device and screening)." His wife - no spring chicken herself - was forced to explain that her husband wasn't capable of walking or understanding their request.

But maybe I'm wrong about airport security. Keen observations caught this guy, a tortoises.

Authorities at Miami's international Airport said they found seven snakes and three tortoises inside the trousers of a passenger as he tried to board a flight for Brazil.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration said the man had the reptiles wrapped in nylon bags which were stuffed into his pants.

He was discovered as he went through a body scanner at one of the airport's security checkpoints on Thursday (September 1) and was arrested by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials for violating animal trafficking laws. Authorities declined to identify the man or offer any explanation for his botched attempt at reptile smuggling.

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